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The Vegan Diet

With the increasing popularity of the vegan diet 1 , this blog will be based on both the advantages and the disadvantages of following this diet as well as the stigma associated with the vegan diet. A vegan diet in a diet in which all animal products are excluded from the diet 2 . This includes not only fish and meat, it also diary products and eggs 2 . Often people exclude leather from their life and well as wool. Some vegans exclude products tested on animals from their lifestyle as well such as makeup and skincare 2 . Advantages Figure 1.  A vegan diet has been shown to lower levels of stress and anxiety 3 . A study found that Vegans said to have experienced less anxiety and stress than those who consumed meat 3 . They also reported to have been in a better mood than meat eaters 3 . The risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity can all be decreased by partaking in a vegan diet 4 . Those who take part in a vegan diet are at a lesser risk of contracting hypertensi

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